Terms and Conditions:

  • Pay in installments option by scanning QR will only be available for credit card customers (source of payment should be a credit card).
  • Pay in installments by scanning QR will be available for transaction amounts more than PKR 3,000.
  • If the customer chooses to pay in installments, his credit card limit equal to the transaction amount will be locked for tenure selected by the customer.
  • The customer will receive the confirmation SMS for the SBS booking.
  • No markup will be charged.
  • Processing Fees ranging from 0-12% will be charged on the transaction amount.

Video Explain how to scan and make installments of any product available at


KhareedoMobile Charged any markup?

NO ! Khareedomoble does not charge any markup. There is a processing fee that bank charges.

How much processing fee does Bank Alfalah charge ?

It depends on how many installments you make. Calculations are following.

  1. Installments for 3 Months 5.5% on the total amount.
  2. Installments for 6 Months 8 % on the total amount.
  3. Installments for 9 Months 10 % on the total amount.
  4. Installments for 12 Months 12% on the total amount.

Will I get my product on the same day after paying installments or Khareedomobile will ask for some documentation?

Yes! If you are from Karachi you will get your parcel on the same day if you are not from Karachi then it will deliver next day. NO need for any documentation.

How much do I need to pay in advance?

Your 1st installment is your advance.

I don’t have Bank Alfalah Creditcard any other Credit Card will work on this barcode?

NO! It’s only for Bank Alfah Creditcard holders. If you are from Karachi check our Fori Cash Installment method. And if you are out of Karachi check our installments through QisstPay.