Q1: Is Purna do Naya Loo valid for mobiles only?

Ans: NO! PdNl is valid for all electronic devices available in our store.

Q2: Do you buy faulty devices?

Ans: No! we don’t.

Q3: I am from Islamabad how can I get an exchange?

Ans: Till now Purna do Naya Loo is only for Karachi customers. Please contact our representative and ask for the current status.[LINK] 

Q4: How much time it will take to reply back?

Ans: Normally it will take 6 working hours to reply back.

Q5:Do We have to be at your outlet for a swap deal?

Ans: Both options are available you can walk in or our representative will visit your place.

Q6: Can I exchange my Samsung with iPhone?

Ans: No! iPhones can only be exchanged with iPhones Only.

Q7: Can I exchange my iPhone with Samsung or Realme?

Ans: Yes! If you have iPhones we can exchange that with Samsung and other companies.

Q8: Your representative who is dealing in exchange offers.

Ans: Muhammad Ahsan is our PDNL representative .

Phone Number : +92 318 0206011

Email: ashan.pdnl@khareedomobile.pk

WhatsApp: https://wa.me/923180206011 [Click Me !]


Q1: Can I get my parcel without paying 20% امانت/upfront?

Ans: NO! Due to our past experience where people scam us, we can’t allow delivers without 20% of امانت

Q2: Can I ask for a refund of my 20%  امانت/upfront if my mind changes or product that I need is not available?

Ans: YES! We love to Pay Back your امانت amount ASAP.

Q3: What if I pay 20% % امانت/upfront but not received my parcel?

Ans: It can’t happen because it never happens with KHAREEDOMOBILE. We are a private limited company legally registered with SECP. We have an operational outlet and office in Karachi. [Address]  We are in operation since 2017 delivered  10,000 products until now we have a 4.8+ Star Rating and our satisfaction rate in 98% [LINK]. We always commit that we deliver. Yes! you can face late deliveries due to logiest issues other than it feels safe with us. Thank You.

Q3:What benefits do I get if I pay full payment in advances?

Ans: If you are a new customer you can get KM Benefits.

1st Free delivery all over Pakistan.

2nd Free gifts like chargers and accessories for that particular device you order.

3rd Your refund, return and exchange warranty will be extended from 7 days to 15 days.

4th 10 KM Points which are equal to 1000 PKR.

Q4: I am an old customer why I am not receiving KM Benefits?

Ans: KM benefits are only for new customers because they are trusting us. Old customers our family now and they are enjoying KM discounts[LINK]. 


Q1: What is your return & exchange policy.

Ans: Normally it’s 7 day return & exchange warranty for every product bought from our platform. If you have avail KM benefits [LINK] your warranty will be extended uptill 15 days.

Q2: What things do I have to do before opening my parcels.

Ans: You just need to make a video before opening your parcel.

Q3: I forget to make a video of opening the parcel?

Ans: If your parcel is found broken we will not claim them under any warranty.

Q4 : I found my parcel broken or damage What to do now?

Ans: Call our representative and info him and send a parcel opening video he will send you an address you can ship it back we will ship you another product within 24hr.

Q5: The device is working perfectly but I need a refund because of “change of mind “is a refund possible?

Ans: For situations like “Change Of Mind” money back is not possible we can do an exchange if the product you are asking is available in our stock if product is not available then decisions completely depend on the representative you are dealing with.

Q6: I am misguided by your representative. I need a refund?

Ans: 1st email us at mislead@khareedomobile.pk do mention all the details and representative name and number .2nd Fill out this form[LINK] our team will refund you ASAP.

Q7: How to get a refund confirmation number?

Ans: After investigation, our representative will allot you that number.

Q8: How much time it will take for allotting a refund confirmation number?

Ans: It normally takes 6 to 8 hr to allot that number.

 Q9: How much time it will take you to refund my amount?

Ans: After your refund confirmation number your refund will be initiated within 24hr.

Q10: I have paid through Bank Card how much time it will take for a refund?

Ans: After your refund confirmation number  We will ask bank representative to make you a refund after that bank Term and conditions applies. Normally it takes 42Hr.

Q11:Khareedomobile representative who is dealing in Easy Returns and Exchange?

Ans: Muhammad Ahsan is our Returns and Exchange representative.

Phone Number : +92 318 0206011

Email: ashan.re@khareedomobile.pk

WhatsApp: https://wa.me/923180206011 [Click Me !]